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Board of Directors    

  • Allen Furr, President
  • Karen Fagan, Vice President
  • Wendy Haner, Secretary
  • Michael Abrams, Treasurer


Executive Committee Chair: Allen Furr                  

Comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Responsible for the general affairs of the Board and meets when necessary in lieu of a regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Trains and oversees Committees.                                                                                      

Finance Committee Chair: Michael Abrams

Comprised of the Treasurer who serves as Chairperson, the Vice President and other members the President may appoint.  Prepares a yearly budget and makes recommendations to the Board as to dues to be paid by the Membership.

Membership Committee Chair: Sharon Kaufman

Responsible for arranging for contact with new members to welcome them and offer assistance.

Communications Committee Chair: Jeri Krassner 

Manages the website and communication messaging for members, potential members and larger community for the purposes of education, awareness and fundraising.

Program Committees

Caring Committee Chair: Susan Braunstein

Supports one another by providing assistance with members' consent in case of severe illness or death of a JSCA member or a family member and provides needed training for volunteers with skill sets to respond effectively to families' needs.

Education & Social Justice Committee Chair: Amy Weiss

Plans, coordinates study groups and larger group educational events. Works towards “repairing the world” (Tikkun Olam) with interested JSCA members determining a focus area for year including opportunities for volunteerism, advocacy and education.

Holiday/Catering Committee Chair: Marti Biller

Arranges for space and food for major Jewish holidays including planning, coordination and cleanup (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Chanukah, Passover).

Nominating Committee (temporary) Appointed by the President each year

Is responsible for following established Board procedures for meeting with prospective new Board members, recommending a slate of officers to nominate for Board approval prior to final vote at annual membership meeting.

Ritual Committee Chair: Marcy Gallagher

Selects materials for holidays and Shabbat services which reflect the philosophy of Secular Humanistic Judaism.

Social Committee Chair: Susan Murphy

Plans, organizes and executes social events.


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