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Guiding Principles

The purpose of these principles, which our Board adopted in 2021 is to:

  • Guide board-decision making.
  • Provide prospective members helpful insights into JSCA.

These principles have become integral into how we conduct ourselves at board meeting and interact with each other. 

10 JSCA Guiding Principles

  1. Philosophy. We are an inclusive community identifying with and celebrating Jewish culture, heritage, and traditions while striving to better our world based on human reason, power, and actions.
  2. Ritual.  Our community observes and celebrates major Jewish holidays and conducts monthly Friday night Shabbat services.
  3. Social Justice.  In furtherance of Tikkun Olam, JSCA strives to engage, educate and advocate for social justice where there is member interest.
  4. Educational Programs. JSCA will provide educational programs primarily on Jewish themes and interests including secular humanistic Judaism.
  5. Social Programs. To build community and attract and retain members, JSCA will support social activities for which there is sufficient member interest and leadership.
  6. Member Obligation. As an all volunteer organization, each member is encouraged and needed to support JSCA in performing the multiple activities it provides to members and the community (e.g. help run an event or service, serve on a committee or Board).
  7. Finances. As an organization we strive to maintain member dues at affordable levels.
  8. Membership size. JSCA is open to any individual who shares our values and wishes to join. There will be no numeric limit.  Ideally, we would like to grow members from a current base of 100 to approximately 150.
  9. Staffing. As a volunteer organization we rely primarily on members to undertake most functions; outsourcing services members can’t provide when necessary.
  10. Building.  JSCA does not anticipate building, owning or renting a permanent home.  We meet for services, holiday events, etc. in appropriate spaces rented for each purpose.

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