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Board of Directors     

  • Stan Binder, President
  • Errol Stone, Vice President
  • Ronny Rich, Secretary
  • Carol Falender, Treasurer



Executive Committee
Chair: Stan Binder                    

Comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Responsible for the general affairs of the Board and meets when necessary in lieu of a regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Trains and oversees Committees.                                                                                      

Finance Committee
Chair: Carol Falender

Comprised of the Treasurer who serves as Chairperson, the Vice President and other members the President may appoint.  Prepares a yearly budget and makes recommendations to the Board as to dues to be paid by the Membership.

Membership Committee

Chair: Rory Novell

Co Chair: Ilene Baum

Responsible for arranging for contact with new members to welcome them and offer assistance. 

Communications Committee
Chair: Gary Selnick 

Develops a consistent and active communication strategy for members, potential members and larger community for the purposes of messaging, awareness and fundraising if needed.

Program Committee

Chair: Jeff Harris

Plans, coordinates study groups and larger group educational events.


Chair:  Steve Klein  

Plans, organizes and executes social events.

Social Justice Committee
Chair: Doris Potash

Works towards “repairing the world” (Tikkun Olam) with interested JSCA members determining a focus area for year including opportunities for volunteerism, advocacy and education.

Ritual Committee

Co Chair: Marcy Gallagher and Errol Stone

Selects materials for holidays and Shabbat services which reflect the philosophy of Secular Humanistic Judaism.

Holiday/Catering Committee

Chair: Marti Biller

Arranges for space and food for major Jewish holidays including planning, coordination and cleanup (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Chanukah, Passover).

Caring Committee

Chair: Susan Braunstein 

Supports one another by providing assistance with members' consent in case of severe illness or death of a JSCA member or a family member and provides needed training for volunteers with skill sets to respond effectively to families' needs.

 Nominating Committee (temporary); appointed by the President each year

Is responsible for following established Board procedures for meeting with prospective new Board members, recommending a slate of officers to nominate for Board approval prior to final vote at annual membership meeting.

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